Garage Door Extension Springs

Extension spring systems have been phasing out due to the potential for catastrophic spring failure. If proper maintenance is not completed, it’s only a matter of when the garage door spring will fail.

A extension spring failure can cause serious damage to people, pets and property.

How do Extension Springs Work?

These garage door spring systems are easier to maintain, mostly because the springs are connected to a stationary anchor on one side and a pulley on the other. The pulley connects the cable to the bottom of the door, most times using a separate pulley directly above the closed door.

It is now standard practice when replacing an extension spring to install an extra cable through the spring to combat the potential of when or if the spring breaks it becoming a projectile.

Enough kinetic energy is stored in this system to lift the garage door thousands of times.

Extension Springs are usually mounted on either side of a garage door, overhead just above the horizontal door frame. Most extension spring systems are usually used on lighter garage door spring applications.

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